About MeetingZilla

When JTC Technologies launched ABC Signup more than a decade ago, it offered a solution – registration software – to a glaring need, namely an antiquated, time-consuming, paper, fax and mailing-based event sign-up process.

No surprise that today, our newest product, MeetingZilla, addresses another archaic, event-related pain-point – that of printing, collating and distributing (and for participants, carrying) informational materials. We’ve been on all sides of that equation, and know there’s an easier way – MeetingZilla, your means of packaging event materials in a cool, easy-to-access mobile format.

an image and link to a MeetingZilla-created site.

Click on the image above to view a customer’s MeetingZilla site. Look it over on your mobile device.

Our expertise is practical, software-as-a-service solutions. Sometimes we arrive at such solutions before our customers are ready. We’re pretty certain that’s not the case with MeetingZilla. Why? Well, customers of our registration software kindly asked us to do this post-haste.

Here’s the not-that-well-kept secret about our company and our software. We build solutions, not products. Our software continues to evolve to meet our customers’ needs.

As awesome as MeetingZilla is today, one thing we can guarantee is that it will be even better a year from now. The only caveat to that guarantee is that a good part of that improvement is a direct result of customer feedback. So, always feel free to share your ideas by e-mailing or calling us (866.791.8268 ext. 0).