Edit Anytime, Anywhere

MeetingZilla’s web-based, content management tools allow you to place and edit digital content – such as event details, venue information, maps and directions, speaker bios, evaluation forms and more – anytime and anywhere.

Just learn your conference’s 2:30 breakout session had to be moved to ballroom C? Instantly make the edit on your mobile site through MeetingZilla’s easy-to-use interface. Want to post an event photo onto your site? Take it, upload it and post it using MeetingZilla and your smartphone. Instantly change an evaluation form or make adjustments to the attendee information.

Not only can you make these revision anywhere you have Internet access, you can also send out e-mail notifications that will alert participants viewing your mobile site of the changes.

You don’t have to make these edits at your computer in your office. You can make them anywhere using your mobile device. You can even make them as you are moving the signage for that breakout session that you just moved to ballroom C.

Do it anytime, anywhere with MeetingZilla.