What is MeetingZilla?
MeetingZilla is a web-based, content management tool that allows you to place your event information on an easy-to-navigate mobile site. With MeetingZilla, you can quickly put your digital content – such as event details, venue information, maps and directions, speaker bios, evaluation forms and more – at your participants’ fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Is it an App and available on an App store?
MeetingZilla is NOT an app. There are no uploads and installs, and no waiting for updates. It is purchased directly through MeetingZilla.com, not an App store. It is web-based software that is updated automatically and accessible anywhere administrators and event participants have an Internet connection.

How do I use it?
You can follow the “Tell MeetingZilla about your event” steps which will guide you through picking a color scheme and adding the content you feel is of value to event participants. Or, you can navigate specific sections and simply enter or cut and paste content in the appropriate fields. MeetingZilla is designed to be so simple that you can create your mobile event page in a single day, without training or tutorials.

How do I purchase it?
Click any of the “buy now” buttons on the site or this link, then complete the secure online payment processing form.

How long does it take to set it up?
MeetingZilla set up is entirely dependent upon how fast you can enter, cut and paste or upload (e.g., image files, PDFs) your content. You pick a design theme, post your content, preview your site and – if you like what you see – click the “active” button.

Will I receive training on how to use MeetingZilla?
MeetingZilla is so simple training isn’t necessary. We do, however, provide customer support for the product, so if something has you scratching your head, contact us by phone or e-mail and we will set you on the right path.

Once I’ve created my content, how do I make my site live?
Going live is as simple as clicking the “active” button. We do, however, suggest you use the preview functions (click the preview button) prior to going live just to make sure your content looks awesome.

Will my content be right-sized for any kind of mobile device?
Absolutely. MeetingZilla incorporates “responsive design,” which means your content will be presented in the optimal size for the various mobile devices used to view it.

Can anyone go to my site and change the content?
Only administrators with login and password information can edit the content of your site. MeetingZilla-created sites feature the latest security protections to prevent unauthorized access.

Does MeetingZilla integrate with registration software?
Not yet. You can pull registrant data from many systems and import it into MeetingZilla, but full integrations aren’t available in the initial release of the product.

What if participants’ devices can’t access the Internet at my event’s venue?
If mobile devices cannot access the Internet at the location of your event, your MeetingZilla-created event page will not be accessible on site. It is important that you determine Internet connectivity at your event if you are considering MeetingZilla and a mobile event site.