Easy Tools Make Your Event Mobile

Binders aren’t fun to print or collate, and only marginally enjoyable to carry around. Yet for decades, that’s been the default packaging for event or conference materials. Not anymore.

animated meetingzilla monster waving then eating toolsYour event participants have gone mobile, and so should you. Now you can put your event content online in a clean, easy-to-access, mobile format with MeetingZilla. With this simple, cloud-based content management tool, you can post all the relevant information about your event in a responsive format you create on your schedule.

Simply log in through the customer portal on this website to access our secure system. There you will be able to set up your event, add your logo and graphics and upload all of the relevant content, including information about the event, the venue, exhibits, presenters, activities and much more. With a swipe of a finger, event participants on any device can access what you’ve created, be it checking out hotel information, reading a speaker’s bio, viewing a map of exhibitor space or accessing an evaluation form.

You choose what content to include and what features to add (e.g., social media connections, info on area attractions). Best of all, you can put MeetingZilla to work for your programs almost immediately and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market.

Get started today. To purchase MeetingZilla or try it for free, click here or contact us.

The Details

an image and link to a MeetingZilla-created site.

Click on the image above to view a customer’s MeetingZilla site. Look it over on your mobile device. 

MeetingZilla allows you to build out your event’s mobile presence, even if you have zero experience or skill in web design. Our tools enable you to quickly create your event’s mobile portal by populating each section you want to create with relevant content and setting up a basic theme for your portal.

For instance, your event “home” page might include your company logo and color scheme, the basic details about the event (name, date, location) and tabs for the various sections, from the activities to venue info to exhibitors, maps and directions, and much more. A preview feature then shows you what your site will look like to users.

You can use MeetingZilla to populate and display all of the essential information pertaining to your event. View what the process looks like step-by-step here.