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MeetingZilla's event basics screen captureEvent Basics
Log in to MeetingZilla and enter your event information using our easy to follow navigation. You will start with the “Tell Us The Basics” tab which guides you through filling out the “what,” “when” and “where” details. Click “what else” if you have more to add regarding your venue, exhibits, presentations, scheduled activities, attendees, evaluations or other miscellaneous information. Use the “Get the Word Out” tab to share your mobile event site via social media. Then, simply work the left column navigation to address each item and build out your site.

MeetingZilla's about the venue screen captureAbout Your Venue
The “Tell us about your venue” tool does just what it says, allowing you to post your site’s name, phone number, website address and directions, plus any details you want to share (floor plan, description, etc.) and just about any map you choose.

MeetingZilla exhibits screen captureAbout Your Exhibits
The “About your exhibits” feature enables you to publish details about the exhibit area (images and copy), create an exhibition schedule and list the exhibitors with all sorts of fields to complete their profiles, with the exception of “varsity letters received.”

MeetingZilla presenters' page screen captureAbout Your Presenter
“About your presenter” is your opportunity to tell attendees about the event’s speakers, to include the general contact information you select as well as a bio, images (warning: presenters don’t always look like their photos) and more.

MeetingZilla activities page screen captureAbout Your Activities
List your itinerary and activities via the “About your activities” feature. The “Activity types” tab allows you to segment say conference sessions from social events, making it easier for attendees to find what they are looking for. You can also use this tool to attach presenters and or locations to the appropriate activities. Cool, huh?

MeetingZilla extra info page screen captureExtra Information
What haven’t you covered? Awards? Last year’s meeting minutes? A group photo of the event planning team? Whatever it is, you can incorporate it into you mobile site using the “Extra information” tab.

MeetingZilla import attendees screen captureImport Your Attendees
Speaking of cool, you can import your registration information directly into MeetingZilla, or enter it manually, if necessary, via the “Import your attendees” tab. This will allow you to personalize each user’s experience and send any type of e-mail notifications (like schedule changes due to the rowdy Moose lodge from the night before trashing conference room B).

MeetingZilla evaluations page screen captureCreate, Assign Evaluations
Want to know what attendees thought of your event? Or your new mobile event content site? You can build an evaluation and assign it through activities or to everyone via MeetingZilla’s “Your Evaluation Form” tab. What didn’t these guys think of, right? Hey, add that question to your evaluation!

MeetingZilla send messages page screen captureSend Messages
As mentioned above, events are replete with last-minute blind-sides, which is why MeetingZilla incorporates a “Send Messages” tool to allow you to alert participants (via e-mail) of changes in schedule, venue or presenter, or to announce a major development such as a certain exhibitor giving away free Java Joe’s gift cards until noon.

MeetingZilla design your page screen captureDesign Your Site
MeetingZilla’s “Site Appearance” tab gives you simple tools to give your site your look. Add your organization’s colors and logo, choose background colors and font colors, and arrange your site’s menu options.

MeetingZilla preview your page screen capturePreview
You can even preview your site as you are building it by clicking on the “Take a Look at Your Site” tab, which gives you an approximate look at your site sized to the device you are using to view it.